Meditation, Mindfullness and Breathing Exercises
Crafted by Studio Zero.

About Exhale

ExhaleVR is a WebVR Mindfullness and Meditation Web App that uses Virtual Reality to enhance the meditative state and offer more immersive exercises.

There is no need to download or install anything to get started, just choose your

We have support for a wide range of devices and platforms including:

Box Breathing

Box Breathing ( also known as the Navy SEAL Technique ) is a simple exercise that can help reduce stress, anxiety and increase focus.

Square breathing emphasizes control through counts of four and will work the chest and abdominal muscles slightly as you practice the box breathing technique.

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Classic Guided Meditation

In our classic guided meditation you can pick from a number of scenes to begin your medidation, then sit back and relax whilst you are guided to peace of mind.

Zen Garden

Visit a Zen Garden where you are free to rake gravel into patterns and regain focus when needed.

Stone Stacking

Stone balancing is extremly relaxing and encourages focus and patience.

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